Albion Online recaps its huge 2021, mobile launch, and massive population spike

Quite well indeed.

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG that has, let’s be honest, done rather well for itself all things considered. If you don’t believe that fact, why not take a look at the game’s recap of everything that’s happened to the game over the past year? A lot of it consists of welcome updates like the small-to-medium-scale PvP options in the Call to Arms patch or the recent Lands Awakened update touching almost every part of the game’s open world.

It also finally got its mobile launch out the door this past summer, which prompted a serious population surge during the summer, when the game was counting an average of more than 270,000 users per day. And of course, the end of the year has been capped off by the game winning multiple awards – including best PvP MMO from our own staff and readers.

And what’s in the future for Albion Online? We’ll find out with a new dev talk promised in just a few weeks. For now, it’s all about looking back through the year.

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