The Wagadu Chronicles notes work on character customization, combat UI, and reputation system


The Wagadu Chronicles is once again offering up its usual monthly progress report on the development of its upcoming MMORPG, starting off with a large assortment of character customization previews for different skin tones and skin types, hairstyles, accessories, and clothing.

Other points of interest in the update post are work on animations, a further rundown of combat Ui updates, and a healthy dive of the first pass of a reputation system, which will grant players ways to earn favor without having to fight things as the system ties into Wagadu’s crafting and gathering systems. The post also talked up continued updates to questing and shared another round of architecture work.

The game’s Twitter account has been similarly busy, sharing many of the concept artwork pieces that the team at Twin Drums has been doing as well as subtweeting studio founder Allan Cudicio’s 2020 tweet thread about LGBTQIA culture and Africa during Pride Month.

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