Wild Terra 2 is working on new pets, a quest board, and a continent expansion


So here’s the thing about having a small team developing an MMO: It can really make small events lead to production functionally stopping for a bit. Case in point, as the latest development dispatch from Wild Terra 2 explains, sickness took out several members of the game’s development team over December, which meant that the development was functionally stalled for most of the month as people recovered from being ill. That means no substantive updates, but it also means that at least the team members got to take time to feel better, so that’s something to be happy about.

Of course, plans are still in motion as things ramp back up, with the developers offering a look at what’s on the horizon including a daily quest board, an expansion of the game’s main continent and the regions therein, and new pets. All of that stuff is coming to the game, and that’s good! It just might take a little while longer because no one codes well when sick. You understand, we’re sure.

Source: Steam
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