Happy New Year to all the uplifting things in MMOs, 2021 edition for 2022

Almost tangible. Again.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, we collect all the reasons we can’t have nice things – all the worst things that happened to our genre over the course of that year – and metaphorically set them on fire.

But as our own Massively Uplifting MJ always reminds me, those are really only a sliver of the thousands of stories we cover in a year. And among those many thousands are some that rise above and show that gaming is not only not all bad but actually kind of good. 2021 was the same, as we learned to live with the pandemic and the new state of the genre.

So to welcome in the New Year, we’re recapping some of the good news that 2021 brought to MMORPGs and our broader community, from charity work and university courses on online friendships to free books and the restoration of fan-favorite games. Also? Cake.

It’s not toxic positivity to remember that the gaming world really is sunshine and rainbows sometimes. Let’s enjoy it when it is.

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