Final Fantasy XI’s producer looks ahead to the 20-year anniversary of the game in 2022

We still care.

It’s been 20 years sinceĀ Final Fantasy XI originally launched in Japan… or rather, it will be in a few months. (The launch anniversary is May 16th.) That’s a pretty big milestone, so it’s understandable that producer Akihiko Matsui puts it front and center in his new year’s letter to the FFXI community. That also means a reminder about the ongoing We Are Vana’diel anniversary site, filled with interviews and retrospectives of the game’s storied history.

Not that the team behind the game is resting on its14 collective laurels; more updates are still planned for 2022, including more content in the ongoing Voracious Resurgence storyline as well as new master levels and the usual monthly rotations for Ambuscade and the like. So here’s to two decades of operation, FFXI, the game that has supposedly been in maintenance mode for years now and yet updates with new content more often than several non-maintenance-mode games. We salute you. You’re even running a new year event, so that’s something extra to celebrate.

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