Indie sandbox Galaxies of Eden shows off its launcher and lore

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Bad news, Galaxies of Eden fans, the Earth does not fare particularly well in the game’s backstory. Turns out that using the setting’s gateways let a larger galactic community know that Earth was there, and then the whole community got together and decided to ensure it was… well, not there any longer. So now humanity is clinging to existence on frontier planets. That’s just a part of the overall lore-filled drop on the official site, which explains the broad strokes of galactic society and how travel works as well as setting the stage for players to explore the various star systems throughout the game.

Players will also be potentially excited to see the work that has been done on the game’s launcher as well, which is the less lore-filled but also more functional side of the latest development. So you get a look at how the game will start up and also get an idea of how the game’s setting is meant to work. Both good pieces of information! Readers will recall that Galaxies of Eden is an upcoming sci-fi sandbox MMORPG announced last summer; pre-alpha is on deck for Q1 2022.

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