Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.05 is live today with weekly tomestones and Savage Pandæmonium

Still miss the combo here.

The waiting is over and the full endgame process has begun in Final Fantasy XIV. Patch 6.05 is live today, and with it comes the addition of Savage Pandæmonium and the inclusion of Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, which are capped at 450 earned per week. You know, like the endgame in FFXIV always works. So if you haven’t already finished up the main scenario and gotten into the endgame… well, now it’s moving ahead. This is also how the endgame in FFXIV always works.

Of course, there’s other stuff that’s been brought in with this patch, including a round of balance changes for jobs including Monk, Ninja, Summoner, and Dragoon. There are also new recipes, new items to purchase with Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy, and various bugfixes. Check out the full patch rundown for all of the changes and get ready to start earning those tomestones for real. (Or not, we’re not your parents and we don’t determine your playstyle.) If you’d forgotten, FFXIV took home our award this year for best expansion with Endwalker and tied for MMORPG of the year with New World.

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