Project Gorgon added a new six-person level 85 endgame dungeon right before the holidays


Just before the holidays, we noted that Project Gorgon was gearing up for its winter event along with an endgame content patch. In fact, that patch released as planned – on Christmas Eve – so you may have missed it as we did. Either way, it’s here now and yours for the playing.

“There’s a new level 85 group dungeon available for high level players who are Friends with Mope in Povus,” Elder Game notes. “Speak to Mope to get started. This one is intended to be a challenge for a group of six level 85 players wearing reasonably good gear. It’s brand new in the sense that we finished it up last night, so no doubt it’ll need some refinements.”

Speaking to Mope is also how I get started every day, so this should be a snap.

There’s a bit more to the patch worth looking over, including tweaks to sword and knife weapons, brewing buffs, bonus synergy levels, and extraction. Plus: “Fae now float in the character select screen & persona window.”

Source: Patch notes. Cheers, Joseph!
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