RuneScape destroys its duel arena with an earthquake to replace it with the Het’s Oasis ‘skilling arena’


How do you get rid of a blood-soaked fighting pit? If you’re RuneScape, you hit it with a devastating earthquake, apparently. That’s precisely what has happened to the duel arena in the game, which is now being reformed and rebuilt as a location known as Het’s Oasis. With a little help from players, of course.

Starting today, players can take part in the two week-long Oasis Restoration project, which offers daily tasks to replace the duel arena with the new oasis location. Players can look forward to rewards based on both their individual progress as well as overall community progress, including a new crocodile pet, a new title, desert-themed cosmetic armor, and a pair of gator-headed shoes (crocs, get it?).

Once Het’s Oasis is built, players can use it as a “skilling arena” to boost their Agility, Hunter, or Farming skills, as well as take on miniquests to delve Het’s Tomb for a powerful object to aid in the Elder God Wars. Until then, the Oasis Restoration project is now underway for PC and mobile.

source: press release
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