The Daily Grind: Which MMO was the biggest contributor to killing the genre in 2021?

via WoWhead

Before you get all prickly over the question, understand that we’ve been asking it of our readers since a backer pitched it in 2016. It’s provocative, but it’s an important thing to ponder because… there are a lot of ways to kill (or try to kill) an entire genre, aren’t there?

You could be a giant scam that makes people afraid to buy or crowdfund games.

You could be a buggy mess with a trainwreck launch that scares off investors in the genre.

You could spend decades hollowing out your company, abusing employees, and sucking every last drop of goodwill out of the industry.

You could utter the word metaverse and hold out your hand for money with no map or plan on how to make it happen.

Which MMO or MMO studio was the biggest contributor to killing the genre in 2021?

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