Apex Legends adds a new map and new hero in Escape update, releases a new lore video for Bangalore


Yet another season of content is underway in the battle royale shooter of Apex Legends, and this one is inviting players to an Escape, which is a reference to the latest update’s tropical island. A tropical island full of danger, naturally.

The new map in question is known as Storm Point, which features gravity cannons for players to fling themselves bodily across large swathes of the map, predators like prowlers, giant spiders, and flyers, and a number of new points of interest. The Escape season has also introduced the new Legend known as Ash, a new SMG, and the usual battle pass and ranked season additions.

For those who are more about the backstory of Apex, yesterday saw a new Stories from the Outlands video go live, which tells a tale centered around the character Bangalore and the final battle of the Frontier War at Gridiron. For those who love them some shooter story, that video can be found after the break.

sources: official site, press release
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