Old School RuneScape unleashes the final boss of its God Wars dungeon


If you’ve been following along with the opening tiers of Old School RuneScape’s God Wars dungeon, today marks the final step in the journey, as Nex the Fifth General arrives to the instance, bringing both a powerful group boss and the close to the God Wars dungeon itself.

Players who hope to challenge Nex will need to be subscribed to the game and will have to complete the Desert Treasure quest as well as a miniquest to open the long-sealed Frozen Door. Once inside, players will have to work through an army of foes before reaching Nex herself.

The fight can be taken on by as many as 80 players at once, with those who defeat the boss getting handsome rewards such as the Ancient Godsword, the Zaryte crossbow, and the Torva armor set; the higher a player’s performance in the fight, the more loot they get, though every person who takes part has a shot at a unique item.

source: press release
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