Lord of the Rings Online previews its new Dwarf premium housing


Dwarven housing has never been the most popular among Lord of the Rings Online’s four original neighborhoods. But this trend may be about to change thanks to the incoming Erebor housing plots.

This week, LOTRO is previewing the new Dwarven premium houses that are situated in the Lonely Mountain. Update 32 is set to add new underground houses that range from basic to deluxe to Kinship size. These houses are kind of pricey but will offer a lot of special features that you don’t get elsewhere, including exterior music, private yards, yard lighting, a swimmable pool of gold coins, and life-sized chess and checker boards for community play.

The preview patch also made a change to the Hunter’s rapid fire ability, added more High Elf quest dialogue, and nerfed some DOT damage in the Houses of Rest instance.

Source: LOTRO
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