Old-school MMORPG Ethyrial Echoes of Yore plans to focus its current efforts on securing funding

Well, that sounds familiar.

Development of the self-described “high risk-reward” “old-school inspired” MMORPG Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore is pressing onward, as evidenced over our previous reporting, but the focus of three-person developer Gellyberry Studios in 2022 is going to be pretty specific: get funding.

The first avenue that Ethyrial hopes to get funded is via Kickstarter, with plans to make sure that “the game is actually playable (and not just a prototype either)” thanks to an open beta that will run during the crowdfunding campaign. If the Kickstarter drive falls short, then the game will be shopped around to angel investors or publishers. “Our goal is to fund the project enough to have at least four of us work on the game full time for the following year,” the post explains. “Of course, it would be great to get funding for the entire team to start working on this, but we won’t count on that.”

Should all of these planets wind up aligning, the devs hope to have Ethyrial ready for a full release in early 2023. Of course, these are all nebulous timetables and the crowdfunding drive doesn’t even have a launch window. Still, the team certainly has plans.

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