Old School RuneScape applies several fixes and tweaks to the Nex fight after player feedback


The last boss of the God Wars dungeon that was recently added to Old School RuneScape has now been more recently adjusted thanks to player feedback, which prompted Jagex to address several pain points with the encounter.

Many of the changes fall on the bug squashing side, including fixes for Nex being immune to damage in certain phases, loot accidentally being deleted because too much stuff was landing on the floor, and players not receiving the Death Charge buff among other things, all of which were hotfixed. The fight has also seen the number of players who can fight her reduced from 80 to 60 in order to provide a sufficient challenge, while Jagex is seeking player feedback on whether or not to include private group instances for Nex.

The only bug remaining to be addressed is the new pet not being added in the “All Pets” list; that will be fixed in a patch next week.

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