Post-apoc multiplayer RPG Eden Falling touts a visual overhaul as it heads to its final alpha phase


This past November we wondered whatever happened to Eden Falling, a sci-fi post-apoc survival RPG that has been slowly but steadily moving through the alpha test motions. That alpha test is nearing its home stretch according to a recent press release from developer Razor Edge Games, which not only heralds the nearing milestone but an update that has brought improved visuals to the game.

“Although Razor Edge intends to keep Eden Falling in alpha for a little while longer as the bug-squashing process continues, the team is nearing a milestone that will mark a significant turning point: using the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) tool from Unity, the entire game will be undergoing a drastic makeover.”

Nothing in the presser mentions just how much longer alpha will be running, but it does state plans to enter beta later this year. Meanwhile, players who are interested in securing a spot in the alpha test are guided towards an ongoing ARG that spans across the game’s social media channels.

source: press release
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