GameStop plans to create an NFT and crypto marketplace this year

Oh, great.

If you’ve ever wondered how GameStop manages to keep making the worst decisions and losing money with a zeal and intensity usually reserved for making it, we can’t tell you. But that same decision-making process was apparently in full swing when the company decided to launch a marketplace for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, thus destroying any good will the franchise had managed to build up and also putting the lie to any talk about these systems being decentralized. Hooray for humanity.

In fairness to Gamestop, this particular dumb decision has not been specifically announced at this time but was instead revealed via anonymous sources to the Wall Street Journal. However, the company has already launched an NFT website, so draw your own conclusions there. From meme stock to this nonsense, then. It probably goes without saying that you should avoid this with the same drive you avoid everything else GameStop-related, but we’re saying it anyway.

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