Final Fantasy XIV has its story beats up through patch 7.0 planned out already

Into the unknown.

It turns out that the Final Fantasy XIV team isn’t resting in the wake of the Endwalker launch. The recent Radio Mog Station event with producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed several pieces of behind-the-scenes information that has been translated by fans, including the fact that plans are already in place for what the story for the game will be through the next several patches and up to the next expansion. Considering that this will be the first expansion in the game’s history that’s not part of the same ongoing storyline, that’s a pretty significant amount of work already done.

Yoshida also revealed trivia to fans like the fact that Emet-Selch’s role in Endwalker was always planned even before the character became popular in Shadowbringers, or the fact that Krile is missing from the key art due solely due to miscommunication about who should be included. More details on patch 6.1 and the like will be announced in late February, so until then it’s time to just enjoy the game as it stands now.

Source: Reddit
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