Jagex 2020 financials outline increases in revenue, subscriptions, and microtransaction sales


Yes, we are reporting on financial news coming out of 2020 from RuneScape and Old School RuneScape developer Jagex because said information was only just released last week. That said, 2020 was an overall good year for the developer, as it saw increases in revenue, subscriptions, and micotransactions.

The report notes that 2020 saw a 10% increase in overall revenue with just a 7% increase in subscriptions, while microtransaction earnings rose by a significant 38%. Overall, RuneScape saw product revenue grow by 18% and OSRS grew by 6%. Jagex notes these growth figures were spurred on by content updates like the addition of Archaeology and RuneScape’s Steam launch.

Another highlight of the report is in reference to a bizarre series of sales of Jagex, the latest of which we’ve been digging in to. The report does reference the tribulations of those events at one point:

Those who are interested in getting all of the granular details can download the publicly available report here; it’s the PDF at the top of the list.

sources: gov.uk via Reddit
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