EVE Online says farewell to DirectX 9 support today

These spreadsheet dots need to look impressive.

When you’re playing EVE Online without being zoomed out to the point wherein everything is just a dot on a tactical display, you may notice that the game is actually quite pretty. This is intentional. In fact, the designers of the game want to make it even prettier, but they’ve long been stymied by the fact that the game still needs to work in DirectX 9 for older machines. But no longer; with the game’s latest patch DirectX 9 support is removed, meaning that you will need to support DirectX 11 in order to continue playing the game from this point onward.

There are other changes with this patch, of course, including a variety of bug fixes and visual improvements to things like the game’s UI, as well as improvements to the ship fitting interface. But the biggest element is the removal of that legacy support. So if you’ve been accessing the game on older hardware, it’s time to upgrade to get your dose of internet spaceship spreadsheets.

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