Mortal Online 2 patches in new features and creatures ahead of its launch

Morty mort.

Mortal Online 2 is moving into a full launch on January 25th, but even though that’s just a couple weeks away, the developers still had one last batch of content to release before the full launch. That patch has arrived, bringing with it new features like the player journal that automatically updates with information about the things that you encounter out in the world. There’s also the first set of items meant for house decoration and the new Dominate skill, so players will have new ways of interacting with the game world as a whole.

Players can also explore the two new varieties of troll and the new type of young minotaurs available in the world, the latter of which can be dominated players. That’s in addition to new guards at Morin Khur, new enemies available in various regions, and so on. If you’ve been enjoying the game so far, this should give you a nice shot in the arm of things to explore ahead of the full release on the 25th.

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