Neverwinter’s 22nd module, Dragonbone Vale, is live today on PC


Neverwinter fans are riding high off the recent confirmation that their MMORPG is the biggest in Cryptic and Perfect World’s stable, and now they’re getting some content to go along with that satisfaction, thanks to the release of Dragonbone Vale. The MMO’s 22nd module has launched for PC players as of today; consolers will be waiting until February 8th for their bite at this apple.

“[Dragonbone Vale] marks the return of the game’s main antagonist, Valindra Shadowmantle, as she’s joined forces with the Cult of the Dragon in the Sword Mountains to bring undeath to dragons across Faerûn. In addition to familiar foes coming back to Neverwinter, the module introduces plenty of new content for adventurers, including a new adventure zone that brings brand-new grappling hook traversal mechanics and a new faction reputation system to earn rewards, a new 10-player trial featuring Valindra, new heroic encounters, and more. Adventurers can expect even more content to enjoy in Neverwinter, as an additional content update bringing a new Epic Adventure, Scaleblight Mythal, will soon be available for players to experience the ending of the Dragonbone Vale story, and it will offer a new region in the Sword Mountains to explore.”

And yes, the grappling hook stuff is all new to Neverwinter and it’s limited to specific vertically explorable areas within Dragonbone Vale “at this time.”

Source: Patch notes, press release
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