DC Universe Online is turning 11 years old, and it brought you a huge present


If you missed our DC Universe Online stream last night, you might have missed the fact that Daybreak’s superhero MMORPG is celebrating its 11th birthday. After a lengthy downtime yesterday, the game was updated with the traditional anniversary patch and some new additions too, including new collections, base items, Lex Luthor-inspired gear, and a free CR310 level advance token. Subscribers are getting even more loot, including the House of Legends lair, and yes you can sub now to claim them if you weren’t already a member.

“The anniversary event is back, featuring open world missions, the Centennial Collapse Raid, the Speed Force Flux Raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear Solo,” Daybreak says. “Open your Mission Journal and look for “Monitoring the Situation,” queue up for events in the On Duty menu, or use the Warp Menu to go directly to the Metropolis Anti-Matter Invasion Zone.”

Make sure you log in before the end of January to snag your level advance. Happy birthday, DCUO!

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