Elyon adds the archer, balances all classes, and revamps RvR in today’s update


It’s go-time for Kakao’s Elyon: The Archer class is live with today’s update.

Readers will recall that Elyon, once called Ascent: Infinite Realm and developed by TERA studio Bluehole, launched here in the west last fall in the middle of a deluge of other MMO launches, including New World. Its performance on Steam hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, even though our own previewers found it solid if standard and our team called it our most underrated MMO of 2021. Maybe the Archer is a chance for the companies to turn it around.

“Archers are a unique and powerful ranged class which rain down deadly arrows on their enemies, draining their Energy via their remarkable abilities.The skillful application of their powers make them valued allies and dangerous foes. In celebration of the Archer Class and its debut, Kakao Games is offering exclusive Twitch Drops from January 12-14, with a host of valuable in-game rewards available to those viewing participating Streamers. There will be an additional second series of drops celebrating the new year from January 14-24.”

Even if the Archer’s not your jam, you’ll want to poke your nose into the patch notes, which which increases the character slot cap, adds inventory item locks, runs a balance pass on class classes, boosts maximum hitpoints for everyone, retools dodge and recovery, adjusts mana, revamps RvR content, tweaks dungeon drops, and gobs more.

Source: Press release, official site
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