Fractured Online takes a closer look at its knowledge-based character progression systems


“Goodbye grinding and power disparities, hello Knowledge System,” reads the opening that heralds Fractured Online’s latest feature spotlight, which takes a closer look at character progression in the upcoming sandbox MMORPG that promises to marry a lack of level gaps and artificial grind with a sense of long-term achievement; readers will note that ever since Fractured was revealed as a Gamigo-published title, it’s been reintroducing its various systems to potential new players.

At the heart of the system are knowledge points that are earned from performing activities like exploring the world, fighting monsters or gathering materials enough times, and finding a rare Lost Tale item. Players can spend these points in a sprawling talent tree, and any points spent can be respec’d for free while a character is resting. There are also talents that characters can learn, but that will be elaborated upon later, and the post promises that talents don’t create a power gap between new players and established players, as talents simply “complement” character builds.

The final portion of the knowledge system is ability learning: Abilities are not simply unlocked so much as discovered by performing certain actions, studied by spending knowledge points, and memorized while resting. Which is all totally not a grind somehow.

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