Lord of the Rings Online plans ‘significant’ changes to Ember, Mote, and Figment currencies


While Lord of the Rings Online is putting out a small adjustment patch today, it has much bigger things in store for the game’s February update. Standing Stone Games announced that with Update 32, LOTRO would be making some significant changes to three of its most-used currencies.

The changes in question will be applied to Embers of Enchantment, Motes of Enchantment, and Figments of Splendour. When this arrives, the currency cap for all of these will increase “significantly” while at the same time cease to allow conversion between them. Existing Embers will become Motes as well.

These currencies are applied to endgame gear (Embers), leveling gear (Motes), and cosmetics (Figments). SSG said that no longer will players be able to disenchant gear for Embers — only stuff that comes from inside lockboxes.

Source: LOTRO
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