ArcheAge introduces two new ArchePasses, changes skills, and moves dungeons in latest update


It’s been some time since we wrote anything about ArcheAge’s ArchePass, the battle pass-style reward track available in free and premium versions that offers up plenty of rewards for players, but now Kakao Games has brought it back, adding two new passes to the game with the latest update.

The Siege Weapon ArchePass and Silica’s Gift ArchePass come with a number of expected goodies like Gilda Stars, Labor Rechargers, and Manastorm Crystals, while the premium versions of both passes offer up distinct rewards like Snowflake Wings, a Woolly Fluffy Coat, and a battle pet that throws yarn at a selected target and binds their feet. Additionally, these ArchePasses are only for ArcheAge and not Unchained.

The rest of this latest update makes a number of changes to skills for Auramancy, Archer, and Defense, while also making Greater Serpentis a global dungeon and Serpentis a basic dungeon. The patch has also made several bug fixes, kicked off some events, and made some other adjustments, all of which are outlined in the patch notes linked above.

source: official site (1, 2)
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