Astroneer launches on Switch today, delivering space snail pets in xenobiology update


Happy Switch day to Astroneer: The cutesy multiplayer sci-fi survival sandbox officially lands on Nintendo‘s portable platform as of today, with a digital box price of $29.99. But even if you’re happily ensconced on PC already, you’ll want to pay attention to today’s patch, as it launches the xenobiology update for everyone. Fancy befriending a galastropod? Yep, this patch marks the first introduction of mobible critters in the game.

“‘Space Snails’ are now a part of the universe of Astroneer. Players have the opportunity to gain these unique and highly adaptable creatures as permanent companions that also give benefits to their caretakers,” System Era Softworks explains. “Each Galastropod loves treats and will become extra happy and energized when fed. While a Galastropod is full, players receive a unique benefit to aid in their adventures. Galastropods also have favorite foods which will extend the duration of their benefit when fed. […] Begin a new adventure to retrieve unique Galastropoda specimens and investigate the mystery behind their appearance.”

Not only will players be undertaking a space-snail-themed questline, but there’s fresh newbie content, a new cinematic, new and more permanent rewards for some missions, performance and terrain fixes, an improved orbital view, and better flora farming. And yes, space snails are unlocked in creative mode now too.

Source: Nintendo, Steam
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