Star Trek Online talks up its incoming anniversary event and general update plans in Q&A livestream


Yesterday saw Star Trek Online put out its first Q&A broadcast of 2022, and while answers included the expected cornucopia of topics, there were a couple of common threads throughout the livestream: the MMO’s upcoming anniversary and some general content plans for this year.

A post on Reddit collected several of the highlights, noting that this year’s anniversary lockbox contains a ship that was described as “ridiculous” and may cause envy among players. Of course, there’s more than just a lockbox planned, as the anniversary event will also feature a new episode, a new TFO, and three special guest actors, one of whom is actress Chase Masterson and another who was unannounced but promised to be a “very exciting” reveal.

Other answers in the broadcast confirmed that STO will have a similar amount of content this year as it did last year. Players can look forward to things like more giveaways, the return of Grudge, a possible new event campaign, and new Terran ships. The devs also plan to release dev blogs for the anniversary event and announce two new ships next week. In the meantime, players can either watch the full Q&A below or flip through the collected bullet points.

sources: Twitch, Reddit
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