Destiny 2 outlines artifact mod changes, confirms Bungie anniversary content will continue ‘through 2022’


The next expansion and subsequent next season of Destiny 2 is going to make artifact mod hunters particularly happy if Bungie’s newest weekly newsletter is any indication. One of the first topics elaborated on was how season 16 will bring adjustments like unlimited artifact mod unlocks, the return of anti-champion mods, tweaks to how masterwork armors work, and changes to how Orbs of Power are created with weapons. For those heavily invested in any of those things, the opening portion is worth a full read.

The newsletter further confirms that the in-game celebration of Bungie’s 30th anniversary is not set to be vaulted once the shooter’s current season ends. Details will be shared later in the year, but players can expect to see this content continue to be available “through 2022,” just in case you may have missed out on experiencing the “weird sarcastic horse made of stardust and puns.”


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