Element Quest is a side-scrolling MMO in the vein of Glitch and MapleStory


As we all know well, combining the elements of earth, water, fire, and air will summon either Captain Planet or a new 2D MMORPG onto the scene. While our favorite pollution-fighting superhero is nowhere to be found these days, Element Quest did pop onto our radar this past month.

Released back in November 2021, Element Quest is a side-scrolling MMO in the vein of Glitch and MapleStory.¬†Players pick a class from one of the four classic elements and go on “roguelike” expeditions with a handful of others for experience and loot. The title is available for PC, Mac, and Linux OS and has added a number of improvements post-launch including open world exploration, a slot machine, quests that change on the day/night cycle, a swamp zone, player banks, and more expeditions.

The indie studio said that it’s self-publishing and hasn’t yet secured capital to properly market the game. A mobile port is being considered to help build up a much-needed critical mass of players.


Source: Steam
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