Fallout 76 tests new alien event, offers progression in Fallout Worlds


Despite being about a post-apocalyptic world, the Fallout series has had a long-running relationship with aliens. In each of the games, there are events and quests that feature otherworldly visitors coming down to our blasted planet, and in Fallout 76, it’s no different.

The multiplayer RPG started to test its new Invaders from Beyond seasonal event this week: “Every hour on the hour during this all-new Seasonal Event, an alien mothership will hover above a high-profile Appalachian location to deploy Brainwave Siphons. Disrupt their efforts by banding together with fellow humans to destroy any Siphons in the area and show the aliens who’s really the boss around these parts.”

Bethesda also announced that players will be able to cart over progression from Fallout Worlds to the adventure mode by earning SCORE points in the former. Fallout 76 is also running a Treasure Hunter event from now through Monday, January 17th.

Source: Fallout 76

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