Global Chat: Does Doctor Who have a place in EVE Online?


As we crack open another edition of Global Chat, The Ancient Gaming Noob tackled the utter weirdness that is a cross-media promotion between EVE Online and, of all things, Doctor Who: “But then there is the game lore. CCP has its own dedicated faction of lore hounds who track, dissect, and occasionally add to the foundational tale of the game. After 18 years of nailing down what it means to be in New Eden, suddenly having a Dalek invasion was no doubt a bit of a shock.”

The Nosy Gamer had some snark on this, too: “A game famous for not allowing pink spaceships because it would clash with the artistic vision of the designers is now introducing an alien species, the Daleks.”

Read on for more MMO blog essays about metaverses, housing, LOTRO, FFXIV, and more!

Tobold has some pretty harsh words to say about metaverses and MMORPGs: “For anybody like me who was there when the MMORPG bubble grew and then burst, the metaverse bubble growing looks remarkably familiar. And so do the arguments used to convince people that this is the next big thing. The fallacy is also the same: It turns out that people are not actually living in virtual worlds, they only visit them from time to time.”

Parallel Context pondered if MMO characters actually have a place in the world: “And to be fair, most players don’t give a crap about existential issues such as finding a home; they’d rather do other things such as raid, PvP, run dungeons, or quest rather than muse about their toon’s home or backstory. But there are those –especially those who have played pencil and paper RPGs, who are used to this sort of thing– who DO care. And I’m one of them.”

Contains Moderate Peril took a look at the recent LOTRO producer’s letter: “More importantly, the letter specifically mentions lag which continues to plague the game. Currently new zones such as Gundabad suffer a lot of lag due to the numbers of players in the zone. However, lag still exists in both old and new content. Rohan and Minas Tirith are still areas with major stuttering and hitching.”

Kaylriene evaluated FFXIV: Endwalker’s main story questline: “In the story, this is a fully-framed moment of lore, as she who would become the will of the star is genuinely curious if the road that led you to the past, to her as she stood in that moment, was worth the pain and suffering it wrought. It also, cheekily, feels like the FFXIV team, peering through your monitor to ask you, the player, that very same question.”

Inventory Full pondered the strange confluence of NFTs and gaming: “If I’m honest about it, although I have a pretty clear idea what NFTs are by now, I’d still struggle to tell you what they’re for. Other than money-laundering, of course. That part’s obvious.”

Nerdy Bookahs imagines an MMO road trip: “My second choice is the much better one: A road trip through the Shire. All of it! Or maybe, if you’re more adventurous than your average hobbit, a road trip that starts in the Shire and ends in Riverdell. Of course, I would stay on the main roads only. But for most of the way, there’d be a threat by wild animals only if I remember correctly…”

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