Neverwinter applies some quick fixes to Dragonbone Vale and hands out items due to artifact mod resets


With the new Dragonbone Vale module now out in the wilds of Neverwinter, there comes the regrettably inevitable point where there are post-launch fixes to be applied. One of the primary points of this patch is focused on artifact modifications, which were accidentally reset when the module launched; as recompense, all players are able to claim 220 Augment Cubes once per account.

While these items are being offered due to the issue, it is only a temporary measure. A developer has confirmed that a full fix for the mod reset issue is in the works. In the meantime, players are being warned not to reroll their old artifact weapons.

Other fixes in this patch address character visual weirdness with the Serene Boots of the Dragon Hunter, specific items not working properly, and adjustments to certain enchantments.

In spite of the issue with artifacts, this new module appears to be going over generally well, as one of the game’s subreddits is alive with guild recruitment postings, new players coming back after long breaks asking for tips, and at least one video of someone goofing off with the module’s new grappling hook traversal system, which we’ve got embedded below.

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