Old School RuneScape elaborates on loot table adjustments made to Nex


Remember when Old School RuneScape was touting the the addition of Nex to the God Wars dungeon as a “powerful” boss? That assumption did not stand up to the withering heat of player activity, seeing the boss get taken down much faster than expected and thus prompting some loot table tweaks. Jagex has shared a follow-up to those changes, offering some more details on what was changed and why.

“To clarify – we always make week-one changes to PvM encounters,” the post explains. “Our data showed that players were able to defeat Nex much faster than we anticipated, and the Loot Table changes were made to reflect the faster kill speeds.”

The post then further outlines specific drop rates for items when defeating Nex, as well as how said loot is distributed, so if you’re among those OSRS players who believe that Jagex is doing you dirty, the devs have laid the table out on the table.

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