Pantheon Rise of the Fallen showcases work on class creation, pet systems, and foliage visuals


The devs of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen seem to be eager to share their work as the game continues to slink towards its projected 2022 alpha, bringing together some previews to spotlight in a recent developer livestream.

The broadcast showed off progress on High Defenition Render Pipeline work to create foliage and vegetation in the game, promising to continue to improve visual fidelity while keeping a focus on performance. Next, class creation was discussed, with the devs noting that creation of classes continues to roll forward and classes get integrated into the MMORPG’s combat system. There was also a lot made about networking improvements, demonstrating how the devs are using Unity’s tech to render a large number of things without packet loss.

Next up was the topic of Pantheon’s pet system, noting that implementing the game’s network system has to come first before pets can be fully put together. Ultimately, the devs are waiting until pet systems can be done right; current networking bottlenecks are preventing the pet system from being applied the way it needs to be, and implementing pets now would create server stability issues and limit zone populations at a certain point.

The livestream also offered a preview of some of Pantheon’s material library, discussed placement of NPCs and NPC logic (though details were a bit vague since NPCs are “meant to be experienced”), talked about the current focus of creating animations, and mentioned the implementation of UI. The full broadcast is available below.

source: YouTube
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