Temtem patches in bug fixes and monster differentiation based on community feedback

Temmie get money for college.

It’s been an interesting ride for Temtem over the past year, with the game receiving its final planned region in an update and eyeing a release sometime this year but also refusing to nail down specifics. The latest patch, however, is most decidedly not a release patch. Rather, it’s a bug-fixing and issue-addressing patch based largely upon community feedback following the release of that final region as mentioned above. And hey, if you felt like the final battle of the main story was too easy, now it’s a bit harder.

The patch also changes the move lists and balance issues for several monsters, with several creatures simply gaining a move and others receiving broader reworks (Kaku and Saku have been broadly reworked into physical attackers, for example). Moves and traits have also been adjusted, and there are a wide variety of bug fixes and performance improvements. Check out the full patch notes for the complete rundown and prepare to alter your creature lineup accordingly.


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