Lost Ark collects all of its gameplay and class summaries in a single ‘new player guide’ location


As Lost Ark’s February 11th launch date looms ever closer, the game has been eager to highlight aspects of itself, from its overall gameplay beats to previews of the game world. If you’re the sort who would rather have all of those previews in one place, then this self-described new player guide website has all of your basic bases covered.

Not only does this page offer the previously released overview videos of Lost Ark’s gameplay and world, it also once more talks about the game’s five base classes, with links to each of the advanced classes that will be available at launch. Finally, it nods in the direction of its founder’s pack sales, though the game will ultimately be free-to-play once it launches.

In addition to this centralized information page, make sure to also check out our looks at this MMOARPG, including our two impressions pieces and a livestream from the game’s closed beta embedded below.

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