The Elder Scrolls Online kicks off another region roaming event on January 20


The Elder Scrolls Online has run events before where players were rewarded for going back to previous zones, and the game is doing so once again with the Daedric War Celebration between Thursday, January 20th, and Tuesday, February 1st.

Players who perform tasks like take down monsters, defeat world and delve bosses, or close abyssal geysers at Morrowind, the Clockwork City, and Summerset will get themselves a reward box that contains a new Evergloam Champion weapon style page, new Gloam Gryphon Fledgling pet, crafting materials, or items that can be sold for gold among other things. There are also event tickets to earn, which can be spent at the Impresario for materials needed to create the Soulfire Dragon Illusion and the first fragments for this year’s first morphable event reward.

Naturally, access to this event requires players to either be subscribed to ESO or have purchased the requisite chapters, but for those who meet those criteria, you’ve got a reason to head back to those regions.

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