The Wagadu Chronicles plans its first alpha test for sometime this February


If you’ve been keeping the Twitter account of The Wagadu Chronicles on your feed, you know that the game has been teasing a big announcement for the past few days. This Sunday, the announcement cat was released from the secrets bag: The afro-fantasy MMORPG is heading for its first alpha test this February.

A calendar date for when alpha one will start wasn’t confirmed, nor was any information on how long this first alpha phase will run, but the announcement does note that alpha will start in the second half of the month. Access to this alpha, readers will recall, was on offer to Kickstarter backers at the €140 level.

As one might expect, developer Twin Drums is eager to get started and thankful to its supporters. Additional details are also likely to come soon, but for now we at least know that the first phase of public testing is on the horizon.

source: Twitter
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