Myth of Empires skirts the Steam DMCA takedown by selling the game directly


Apparently, Myth of Empires developer Angela Game is not going to let a little thing like being taken off of Steam and sued for copyright infringement stop it from selling the title. In fact, the developer has taken the direct approach and has elected to sell the game from its own website.

This so-called “International Vanguard Edition” will feature its own dedicated launcher currently in testing that does the usual things like launch and update the survival strategy title, while players of both this edition and the Steam early access edition will be playing on the same servers. A single copy of the game will set you back $30, while a three-pack will cost $90, though both editions are currently at a small discount in order to line up with the game’s Steam price.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the copyright lawsuit suddenly goes away: Readers will recall that Snail Games is accusing Myth developer Angela Game of stealing code from ARK: Survival Evolved to make Myth, and it is so serious in its accusation that it recently filed countersuits that attack Angela Game along with distributor Imperium Interactive Entertainment Ltd and server host Tencent for simply being associated with Angela Game. Be that as it may, Myth of Empires is still playable, and now it’s once again purchasable.

source: official site (1, 2) via and MMO Fallout
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