Grab an Element Quest promo code for some free cash shop cosmetics


Last week, we covered a new-to-us MMORPG called Element Quest. It’s essentially a 2-D sidescrolling MMO with roguelike expedition content that reminded us of Glitch and MapleStory – except that this game is a true indie.

Studio Muscle Bird Games has kindly granted our readers a code for some cash-shop currency to use to help you get started if you’re looking for something new and cute to try out – and try it out you may, as it’s free-to-play on Steam. The code is:


To use the code, you’ll need to download and launch the game, create a character, enter the cash shop using the “gift” icon at the bottom-left corner, and click the “Promo-Code” button at the top-left corner of the cash shop panel, then enter the code as prompted.

I downloaded the game (through Steam) in the course of writing this post to test out the code and see how far the currency would stretch. It turns out to be 20 cash shop points, and most of the items on offer are in the 5-to-17 point range, so you could outfit a starting toon for sure. In fact, I didn’t see anything dodgy at all. Most of it is clothing (shirts, hats, shoes, accessories, etc.) or cosmetic (hair, eyes, ears, masks, etc.); I did spy chat bubbles, nametags, and so on, as well as name changes and character slots, but nothing objectionable, and nothing over 17 points.

It also uses Steam for login, meaning you don’t need to manually create an account.

Good luck and have fun!

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