ArcheAge brings Serendipity Stone item changes and returns Manastorm Crystal items to Unchained


There’s a fresh patch out there for ArcheAge, and while it isn’t a particularly robust one overall, it still has a few important points for players to make note of. At the top of the list are some additional tooltips added for Serendipity Stone items, as well as an updated list of items that are included across the MMORPG, including Hiram Guard equipment, synthesis costumes and cloaks, and Erenor equipment among them.

Speaking of items, Unchained has seen some items once again become available for Manastorm Crystals, with the bound mysterious planthouse, bound majestic tree, and bound mining drill coming back to the game. Finally, the patch has applied a round of bug fixes and notes a known issue with the Greater Serpentis dungeon’s minimap. The full patch notes offer all of the necessary details.

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