Multiplayer farming sim Farm Together just launched its first DLC in over two years


Back in 2021, I became briefly obsessed with a game called Farm Together that’s a bit like Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley but with a clear farming/housing focus and none of the gross monetization schemes of FarmVille-esque titles. It’s not an MMO, but it does have a multiplayer component, such that you can play “together” with folks you let onto your farm; in fact, you’re rewarded for opening up your farm to strangers, who can come on in and help you out on your land in exchange for bonuses (and I did see a lot of people doing this and streaming it too!).

I sank over a hundred hours into this thing just building up my houses and village and never even came close to maxxing out my farm or gameplay, but eventually I – and my kids, who played with me – grew tired of it and moved on. Plus, at the time, Milkstone Studios had stopped active development on the game in favor of working on a different title, so there wasn’t really anything to look forward to but the same repeating events.

Until now, anyhow. Last week, Milkstone resurfaced with a new DLC pack on par scope-wise and price-wise with its existing DLC, which tends to be mostly cosmetic, though some include very desirable animals and crops too. This one’s called the Candy Pack, and it’s got an obvious candyland theme; it includes a new crop, tree, flower, road, fences, building, outfits, hairstyles, backpack, decor, walls, floors, and even a new house, the Candy House.

“Our plan is to release a total of 4 New Packs, with Candy pack being the first one. While we’ve already decided the theme for 3 of them, there’s still one which hasn’t been decided yet, so feel free to suggest your ideas,” the studio wrote on Steam. Votable themes include Ancient Egypt, Fantasy, Wild West, Gothic, Terror, Australian, Cavemen, Urban, and African.

If you’re considering any of this, do note that this game and its DLC usually go way on sale during Steam sales, so I’d wait for that, especially if you want all the crops and deco in all the DLC. It’s a cute game, but wait for that sale!

Source: Steam
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