Pantheon’s January newsletter talks ‘increasing awareness’ – and increasing staff, too

So, probably not.

Pantheon’s Visionary Realms is back with a new producer’s letter to cap off January, and this one heralds a fresh outlook for 2022 as the game continues to march toward an alpha launch.

“We intend to increase awareness of the game this year,” the studio says. “Obviously, we have been doing this all along, but it will be a key goal as we get closer to Alpha and the game gets into a more fleshed-out state that can be enjoyed by a wider audience.”

“Internally, things are evolving here at Visionary Realms too. With the addition of a dedicated HR staff last year, this year they are preparing for team-wide expansion and setting up the infrastructures, policies and procedures to support more people coming in. They are working hard to ensure that Visionary Realms is not only a fun place to work, but also a fair, humane and thoughtfully-structured experience. On the technical end, our tech team has big plans for 2022 as well. They are currently working on solutions to improve the Pantheon store and user experience. Expect to see marked improvements this year in navigating, pledging, and interacting. Back-end improvements continue too, setting the foundation for the game to operate cleanly and efficiently and connecting all of our data reliably, securely and competently.”

The newsletter includes an updated task list; right now, the studio is working on its network overhaul, gathering and crafting, class development, the new rendering pipeline conversion, dispositions and traits, and art.

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