Dauntless makes bounty tokens and purchased hunt passes permanent in latest update


Dauntless likes its battle passes, as regular players no doubt are aware by now, but those battle passes were only available for a limited time; if you didn’t make it to the level and reward you wanted and the new pass released, you were out of luck. As of the New Dawn update, however, that will no longer be the case, as battle passes that have been upgraded from the standard free version to the paid-for elite version will never expire, can be completed on players’ own time, and can be switched at any time.

Another staple of Dauntless, the bounty token, is also dropping its temporary status, meaning any tokens gathered from season to season will carry over instead of disappearing with every season’s start. Additionally, one extra bounty token can be used to upgrade a bounty in the list from bronze to silver or silver to gold.

The New Dawn update further brings a sky pirate-themed battle pass; another round of weekly challenges, story quests, platinum store offerings, and Reward Cache items; and a list of specific adjustments to a wide variety of hunting ground events. The patch notes offer up the full details, while a look at the new hunt pass goodies is in the trailer below.

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