WRUP: Hangin’ out with Bingo Steve edition

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Do not take Bingo Steve into a CVS pharmacy. Bingo Steve has been officially banned from CVS across the country due to something he only refers to as “the chip incident” and which employees are forced to watch a nine-minute video of. Once he is recognized everyone will call you Bingo Steve’s friend, and then they will be rude to you and “forget” to give you sale prices in the future.

Do not take Bingo Steve into a Walgreens, because he will want to demonstrate what “the chip incident” was and Walgreens desperately needs his business, but recreating “the chip incident” will force them to ban him as well.

Do take Bingo Steve to Taco Bell. Bingo Steve will be happy in Taco Bell. He knows the menu by heart and will sing you beautiful, heartbreaking arias for the price of one Diablo Sauce Packet.

Bingo Steve is a hamster. What Are You Playing.

Bonus question: Do you abandon movies partway through if you’re not enjoying them?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): Pokemon Go is happening since I got friends who need Venusaurs from Saturday’s Community Day event. Orna will get some love too, but not while walking.

Oh god, I tend to abandon in the first 15 minutes or so. My local theater used to offer refunds if you walked out before I think the first 30, but I don’t know if places do that, especially with COVID now.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I’m happily ensconced in Lord of the Rings Online, so I’ll be in there setting things on fire with flame arrows.

Absolutely, although I’m even more likely to just not take the risk of starting it up in the first place. Most movies are not worth a two-hour investment of my full attention, and I am weirdly resistant to starting them unless I’m positive they’re good.

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): I’m likely going to keep on hammering monster faces in Monster Hunter Rise, and I might also take a peek into Dauntless just to see what the new update is all about. Basically, this weekend will likely be about slaying monsters.

I have only walked from maybe one or two films in my time, otherwise I just power through a bad film and then just move on with my life.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Some Final Fantasy XIV and some of my Steam backlog, mostly. It’s going to be a quiet weekend for me.

Honestly, I very rarely stop midway through a movie. I really enjoy films and I like to understand why a film is working or not, and that means that even if a movie in general is not particularly good, there’s probably something interesting going on in analyzing why it’s not working. A film has to be actively offensive to me in some way for me to stop watching it, and even that’s a big lift, especially since I’m usually watching films while doing other things at the same time.

Justin Olivetti (@Sypster, blog): I’m working through the Blood of Azog interlude content in Lord of the Rings Online with the hopes of seeing the start of Fate of Gundabad next week. I’m also starting expansions in Star Wars: The Old Republic (Onslaught) and The Elder Scrolls Online (Blackwood), so I guess that’s a theme?

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’ve been rolling around in Crossout. There’s still a lot that I haven’t had a chance to experience yet but I am beginning to think that the cash shop is going to become a burden. There’s a mechanic in the game I didn’t understand and I’m slowly learning more about it. It might need one of those “pay to keep playing” situations. Not sure yet. Also I’m checking out Mortal Online 2. There might be something there… Or it might just be more Mortal Online.

Bonus: No. I’m someone who feels that I’ve already gone so far into the story I might as well finish it off. Usually it doesn’t get any better but sometimes it does. I was watching The Woman in Black in a London theatre once. My whole group was exhausted and the play wasn’t landing all so most left at intermission. I stuck with it and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the remainder. So I continue to do the same with movies.

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