Destiny 2 tackles reward drops, the gunsmith, and gearing up for Witch Queen


With The Witch Queen inching ever closer to her arrival in Destiny 2, the “loot” part of the looter shooter is going to see a few adjustments according to Bungie’s weekly newsletter when the expansion lands on February 22nd.

First, the Power “floor” – aka the lowest possible Power score for a dropped item – will be updated to 1350, while the soft cap for Power will be 1500. All players will start at the lowest possible level needed to start the expansion’s campaign even if they’ve been away for a long time, while players can reach the gear soft cap through activity completions, chests, and more. From that point, players will want to go after Powerful rewards in order to hit 1550, then take on endgame activities to hit the hard cap of 1560.

On the subject of reward drops and Power caps, blue engrams will stop dropping from playlist activities once the 1500 soft cap is met; once players are over that 1500 hump, they’ll instead see a slightly increased chance at receiving Legendary rewards or a small amount of Legendary Shards. The devs are still considering where blue drops will fit in the shooter’s overall “economy.”

The post further talks about a new gunsmith reputation that will be similar to other vendor reputations found at the Tower. Naturally, this means certain items that were previously associated with Gunsmith Reputation will be removed, namely Gunsmith Materials and Weapon Telemetries; players will want to spend those currencies before Witch Queen’s launch.

There are other important tidbits for Destiny 2 players to read through in the newsletter, including the removal of mod components, changes to material exchange duties, adjustments to Xur’s weekly offerings, and some initial information for the game’s next raid that will arrive on March 5th.

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