Old School RuneScape outlines Shattered Relics League fixes, starts returning lost items in Group Ironman storage

Yeah, that makes sense.

Old School RuneScape has been busy fixing, patching, and correcting a gaggle of bugs according to a recent update post from Jagex. The post features a laundry list of fixes for the Shattered Relics League, many of which have already been hotfixed, while a number of other known issues regarding fragment set effects, incorrect rewards for a quest, and fragments disappearing on the floor are due to be coldfixed next week.

Among the known issues list is a matter related to Group Ironman teams’ group storage, as players were finding their items disappearing thanks to a Wednesday server rollback. Jagex announced yesterday that it has identified affected groups and is working on restoring what was lost; the process of getting items returned should begin next week. Additionally, Jagex notes that some teams were able to benefit from this error, but no action will be taken against those groups.

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