Final Fantasy XIV plans maintenance for its new Oceania data center and its latest patch

Walk free.

The good news for Final Fantasy XIV players still waiting through slow queue times is that the game is getting a whole new data center tomorrow. This is potentially offset depending on your region, of course, as the new data center is for Oceanic players and thus will not solve everyone’s problems. But Oceanic players will now have new servers to call home, which will likely mean some server migrations and better player distribution on a whole. So everyone can be happy about this.

In the event that you fold your arms in consternation and downright refuse to be happy about it, however, you can instead try being happy about the fact that patch 6.08 will be included with this particular maintenance, bringing further numerical adjustments to various jobs. Will you be happy now, or are you just going to be cranky that maintenance starts tonight at 11:00 p.m. EST and that conflicts with your schedule? Hopefully it’s the happy option.

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